Mitla is Neatla by Charlie Baumhauer

Hola Amigos! This is Charlie here.  I went to Mitla in Mexico a couple weeks ago. I liked it a lot because you could go inside tombs and a pyramid. The tombs were kind of stinky because they kept people who died here. The pyramid was empty inside and there was some details that looked like some patterns on the outside. I really liked that they were so in order. It reminded me of some designs I saw at Monte Alban. But Mitla had many more patterns on the sides.


This is Mitla and it is NEAT la.


You can see the patterns that are so in order.



We are explorers!


Mi familia at Milta


Yo, Carlito.


This is the church the Spanish built.

There was a church at Mitla next to the ruins that the Spanish built. They came and tried to tear down the buildings the Indians made which is why they are ruins now. I don’t know why they did that.


This is me and a perro that came to me in the church. It made me happy and sad at the same time because I wanted to keep him but I couldn’t. The dog was homeless but he made a friend with another dog when we were leaving.

All the ruins were so cool I saw in Mexico.

Here are all the ruins I saw in Oaxaca, Mexico:




I think my favorite was Mitla because you could really explore the inside of the tombs. We also went to a great restaurant after we saw Mitla with a trampoline and a playground outisde for kids.


We’re not in the USA anymore.


My Mom and the adventurers


My Mom and Dad


This is me and Jake saying Goodbye to Monte Alban, Yagul and Mitla; all the ruins I discovered and explored in Oaxaca!

We also went to the beach when we were in Oaxaca. We drove six hours in the car and it was long and windy. We stopped halfway in the mountains in a town called San Jose del Pacifico and stayed at a little cabin in the woods. We had a beautiful view of the mountains and then we went to dinner at a little restaurant that was very cold. We were told that some of the people that live here are magical people called shamans.


View from our cabana. It was magical!






Our cabin.


I found this cave. My Mom thought it was maybe an oven. I think it was from the Indians.


This is a Maguey plant bigger than me!


Jake con chocolate y leche caliente

When we got to the beach it was great to see the ocean again. We stayed at a cabana right on the sand in San Agostonillo and we caught waves with our bodies. The water was so warm and the sand was hot.


Punta Placer cabanas right on the beach


San Agostonillo


Our own little swimming hole


Jake the pirate!


We love the beach!


We had dinner on the beach in San Agostonillo. You didn’t have to wear shoes. Can you find me in the background?

DSC_6187 copy

Muy bonita!

We visisted a turtle sanctuary in the next town over called Mazunte and got to see little tiny babies. They were very cute! They can fit in the palm of your hand. We also saw big turtles and an iguana.



Mazunte Turtle Sanctuary




We went on a whale watching boat ride but didn’t see whales. We did see ALOT of dolphins and some sea turtles. My Dad caught a fish but we gave it to the captains of the boat. We went snorkeling in the deep ocean and saw the dolphins underwater! Jake didn’t snorkel because he thought there were sharks. I really want to try scuba diving one day. Maybe in South Africa I will scuba dive with the great whites in a cage! Just kidding! I don’t think I would do that because probably kids can’t do that. Maybe my Mom and Dad will. But probably not.


Jake and me and the captain of the boat!



This rock was white because the birds pooped on it!


We also went to a bigger beach town called Puerto Escondido. We spent a lot of time bodysurfing and boogie boarding. The waves were really big so it wasn’t a great time to surf for kids. The currents were very strong but I was brave so I went out in the waves.


Our house in Puerto Escondido


Hanging out


the empty beach in front of our house


My Mom made a friend watching the surfers.


Sunset swim


Adios Oaxaca!

I am going to explore more in my life because I want to be an archaeologist when I grow up.


I climbed this tree at Mitla and people were staring at me.

I really want to see the Mayan ruins of Mexico one day. The ones I saw in Oaxaca are from the Zapotec and Mixteca Indians.

We said goodbye to Oaxaca and my school there. I met some great friends here and got to spend time with my Grammy and see my Grandpa too. I loved Oaxaca and can’t wait to see more of the world!


I made this picture for my teachers and friends at my school in Oaxaca.


We planted two trees at the school so we could replace one I broke a little when I was climbing on it and give them a new one.


Here is our little arbol. We put rocks around it to protect it.


Adios Maestra Leia! Gracias por todos!


This is the Arenal volcano. It is so big and beautiful.

Right now I am in Costa Rica as I write this. In Costa Rica, there is more nature than in Oaxaca City. We were in Arenal, Costa Rica. There is a giant volcano that erupted 9 years ago! It might still erupt! Hopefully, not when we’re here! I don’t want the volcano to erupt even when we aren’t here because I don’t want the other people to die.

I wonder if there are more ruins in Costa Rica? We went zip lining and I went all by myself. And I turned 7 at the hot springs! I celebrated my birthday here with my family. It was so fun, I made some friends and got to eat cake. We will be posting more photos about Costa Rica soon!

But for now, I will see you later or Hasta Luego, Amigos! I am going to explore more about Costa Rica.

Pura Vida, Adios Amigos!

Carlito Baumhauero


Mis Cumpleanos

mi hermano Carlito

This is me and that is Dario from Oaxaca.





“Mexicans are lazy”

If there’s one resounding truth that can be said about Americans it’s that we’re hard workers. It’s in our cultural DNA. Before this trip, I used to routinely work 10-12 hours a day during the week and then cap it off with another 10 to 20 more on the weekend. And when I’d complain about it to a co-worker, the response was usually something like, “Good to have that work though, huh?” Or maybe, “You’re gonna be loving that O.T. though, right?” We’re culturally programmed to accept this. We even compete with one another for the title of, “Hardest Worker.” “I haven’t slept more than two hours in the last 2 weeks,” my buddy used to boast to me. “In the last month, I haven’t seen my wife for more than an hour except for sleeping,” another would brag. “My kids don’t even know for sure if I live at my own house!” This would bring much laughter and pats on the back.. “You win, big guy!” How have we possibly reached a point in our cultural evolution where this is acceptable, even applauded? Our freedom, our independence, the time to be a parent, a spouse, a human, our life itself, is for sale. We are selling our lives to other people and we’re thrilled to have the “opportunity” to do it! We actually cling to the idea and hold it up over our heads like it’s a shining virtue. It’s madness! ( Authors Note: As a person who has the luxury of being able to sit by the pool all day eating nachos and drinking cerveza, any opinions about how people should or shouldn’t live their lives are to be completely ignored.)

Impromptu mezcal tasting. Delicioso!

Impromptu mezcal tasting. Delicioso!


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Papalotes School en Mexico by Matilda

I have been going to school here in Mexico for almost 3 months. The name of my school is called Papalotes which means ‘kites’ in Spanish. I am in a class with 6 people and one teacher (Maestra Leia) including one of my brothers, Charlie. It is like my school in California where some of the grades are together. In my class there are 1st-3rd graders. If my DVIA classmates are reading this, I really, really, really hope you are having a great time in 3rd grade with Megan. I miss you all and I think of you a lot! My little brother Jake is also in my school but he is in a younger class. They do lots of music, cooking and playing. In my class, we also have music but we do math, reading and writing. We also carve things in wood like little creatures! We make art too. It’s really different from my school in California but I really love going to school here in Mexico.


Here I am in my schoolyard. You can see my classroom in the back!

I LOVE that Papalotes is so close to nature, and there are animals everywhere around! There are mountains in the back and lots of nature around. Sometimes,  you can see donkeys and goats in the street! There are also cows and bulls that graze next to the school grounds. And once a big bull came so close to our schoolyard but thankfully, there was a fence there.


Here are the burros! They are so cute.


Mi amigo! La vaca!

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El arte y la vida de Oaxaca

All of our five senses have been on overload here in Oaxaca. You can’t have a bad meal, it’s absolutely impossible, and I, for one, don’t even eat meat so can’t imagine the realm of all the flavors out there …every time we step foot outdoor we anticipate some sort of adventure in any one or more of the senses ….and half the time we don’t even need to leave the comfort of our casa.

If it’s not the donkeys braying away in the distance, it’s the rooster and turkey crowing next door, or the parrots gawking in the trees outside of our house. Oh right, don’t forget about the 4 am fireworks wake up call and the wild perros barking up a storm every odd hour of the night. Every evening around 5 pm something like the theme to Spiderman and the Bunny Hop is blared through a loudspeaker. We don’t know why and probably never will.  Every night as we are going to bed we hear parties, music, salsa, any number of loudspeakers announcing something. It is clear, Mexicans are not afraid of noise. It is embraced and widely accepted. And strangely, we do too. Read more

Matilda’s first blog post

Hi, my name is Matilda. I’m 8 years old and I’m traveling the world with my family for one year. The first place we are going is Oaxaca, Mexico. The first thing I did here was I went swimming in our big pool at our new house. Next to our pool is a play ground with two swings, a ladder to climb up to our tree house and a yellow slide. I love animals and I’ve seen lots of animals that I don’t see in Los Angeles. I saw donkeys on the streets and also turkeys. I also saw parrots in the trees by our house. A lot of times I see goldfinches in our trees too. Also, we see lots of wild dogs in the street everywhere. And lizards too. Read more


We’ve been in Oaxaca for about 3 weeks now and it seems that each day, we acclimate more and more to the Mexican lifestyle. Things are slower and simpler and the days, like the people here, are relaxed and easygoing. A normal day is breakfast, coffee, a swim, some homeschooling and maybe a trip to the park or a market to grab some supplies. We might read or Catherine might do some yoga, maybe a beer, some music, maybe even a nap. Often, we don’t know the day of the week or the time..or the date. A person can’t live this way forever, obviously, but after the tornado of activity that led up to our departure, it seems somehow that we’ve earned this bit of sloth and we’ve embraced it without regret or shame. Read more

So Far

Well, we’re one week in and so far, so great! We’ve rented a little place in San Felipe, Mexico which is about 15 minutes away from the larger, and more bustling, Oaxaca city. The place is simple but nice with a little yard, a pool, and great views of the mountains in the distance. Read more