Capetown, South Africa

Somehow we made the decision to travel from David, Panama to Capetown, South Africa. It strangely was cheaper and more ‘cost effective’ according to our travel agency to not go through Brazil (which would make the most logical sense) but to fly from David, Panama to Panama City, Panama to Miami, Florida to Doha, Qatar to Capetown, South Africa…so that is what we did…If we could get through this travel day, we could get through ANY travel day.


Before the sh@# hit the fan…

Did I mention that on our travel day from h@!l,  Mattie AND Stephen were sick pretty much the whole time with a stomach bug perhaps caught in Panama!!! Fever, vomiting, Montezuma’s Revenge, everyone’s worst nightmare…that happened. If it wasn’t for the giant Teddy Bear in the middle of the Doha airport AND the Airport Hotel where we could sleep for a 9 hour layover, not sure we would have gotten through it before flying to Capetown, Africa.


Are we there yet?


Strangers in a strange land. Mattie’s light at the end of the tunnel. Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar.

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