Bocas del Toro, Panama

After our time in Costa Rica, we crossed the border by foot to Panama. The border crossing we had heard could go either way and for us, luckily, it was a cinch. Though getting to our next destination, Bocas del Toro, was not! After crossing the border, we hailed a cab and set out for a 4 hour journey to the northern tip of the country. Think long windy roads and going very slowly b/c our cab driver liked to take his tiempo!! But Panama is a beautiful country and some of us (those that weren’t car sick) enjoyed the scenery. Rolling hills, mountains, lush and green, Panama was truly inviting.

Panamanian mountains

Panamanian mountains

Bocas del Toro is known for its Caribe vibes, crystal clear waters and surf situated on the archipelegos of the Caribbean; it seemed like a place right up our alley and worth checking out. Plus we were going to meet my brother, Uncle Taylor and Aunt Alison for a couple weeks as we had rented a house right on the water with them.

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Doing Inspiring Sh#t

First, we have to apologize here for the delay in our all blog posts. Life on the road has its ups and downs, its challenges. One of them being reliable internet which has made it nearly impossible to sit and spend a lot of time blogging away. And even if we did have reliable internet, it’s sometimes hard to sit and carve out a few quality hours of blogging when really you want to be out exploring (or monitoring the kiddos). We have covered lots of ground since our last post so we are behind with posts about Costa Rica, Panama, South Africa, and Paris, France….we are constantly playing catch up and realizing that if we don’t stay on top of it, the hundreds of photos and videos being taken daily just multiply into a overwhelming maelstrom of images & videos! Not to mention all the of the experiences and memories we are trying to preserve and savor with or without the help of a camera or GoPro. Here is where we see the true benefit of social media. 🙂 Blogging aside. Anyways, slowly but surely, we will be chronicling each adventure so bear with us. Our long term goal here being that we will have a visual diary at the end of our adventure whenever that may be!

We are now in Dublin, Ireland finishing up our Irish tour. We will be heading back to Paris this week en route to the western coast of France, onwards through bits of Spain, Portugal and Italy. A lot of our itinerary is unplanned which we’re learning is tricky in the summer Holiday European months. It means there’s a lot of people moving about, lodging is full, and it’s not cheap! But it’s all worth every penny as we are experiencing…

While we were in South Africa we had the pleasure of meeting a family on safari. Turns out they were also from LA and were in South Africa to compete in an ultramarathon in Durban. And we thought we were crazy! But really it all felt more like kindred spirits and as we got to talking, they asked us to be a part of one of their projects. Check it out! You can hear us talk about traveling with kids. The ups and downs, planning, etc.



Arenal, Costa Rica

After three good months in Oaxaca we’re finally off and into the great unknown. Our first stop was Arenal, Costa Rica. After flying into San Jose, we rented a car and made the 2.5 hour drive north to get there. If you’ve ever driven the south island of New Zealand then you’ll have some idea of the incredible beauty of this drive. High, rolling green hills stretching to the horizon, thick jungles, charming towns…it’s like a scene out of The Hobbit. We were also impressed by how clean everything was. In Mexico, you just take it for granted that there is refuse everywhere and there doesn’t seem to be much of a national consciousness about it. In Costa Rica, you can’t drive a mile without seeing a garbage can and there’s signs dotting the countryside reminding people not to litter. Obviously, there is a national campaign aimed at keeping it clean and it’s working! It’s great to see in general and especially when you consider the immense beauty of the place and how it could so easily be ruined.

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