the ‘Wild’ Life of Costa Rica by Mattie Baumhauer

This post is from when I was in Costa Rica! I am now in South Africa and we were also in Panama. We had really bad internet in those places so that’s why this is so late!!! I will get to Panama in a little bit and definitely South Africa. We have been so busy and it’s hard to find the time to sit and write!

We are walking on a dirt road in Pavones, Costa Rica here. There is no one around except for us!

There was much more wildlife in Costa Rica than there was in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is because we were in rainforest areas that have some of the most diverse collections of animals, plants and insects than any other place in the world !

I have seen so many animals I can hardly keep track but I will try! I have seen  toucans, scarlet macaws, lots of different kinds of monkeys like howler, squirrel, spider and capuchin monkeys.  There were always a million beautiful birds flying around and so many beautiful plants. You can see so many different types of crabs and they all seem to come out at night right after it rains. (which it didn’t very often because of the drought) The insects there were very big and weird looking. Lots of colors and designs. I also got to see some new animals I had never heard of: like the coati and the paca. We saw a an armadillo and a two toed sloth!!!! He was too far away to get a picture of him but he was so cute! I saw a little animal that looked like a guinea pig but with longer legs called a coati but he was too quick to get his picture.

I really want to see a Jaguar but we talked to a nature guide who said it’s very rare to see them because they stay very far away in the forest. He said he had seen a mountain lion and an ocelot once. He was the one that pointed out the sloth to us and told us about the scarlet macaws and how their poached for the illegal pet trade. We donated some money to his foundation to help bring the macaws back.

One night we went on a night rainforest walk when we were in the Arenal region of Costa Rica and saw a red eyed tree frog. And so many insects and a snake in a tree.

One day when we were in the Matapalo area in the Osa Penisula, we were swimming in our little tiny dipping pool and a family of capuchin monkeys came by in the tree right next to us! There were little tiny babies and the family were splitting  open coconuts with their bare hands and teeth!!  Some of the juice would spill to the ground and then, when they were done they would throw the scraps down. You could also hear them squeaking and talking to each other. It was so cool to be in the pool and watch them at the same time. They were watching us too! My brother Charlie got really brave and went right up to one. He grinned his teeth at him! It was funny!

It’s really nice to see new animals I have seen before. Traveling in Mexico and Costa Rica and Panama has been really fun and interesting to see new animals and learn new things.

I will keep you all posted with the new animals I discover! I am in South Africa now and we are going to go on a safari and also volunteer our time with a animal conservation group. I will post more later!

Love Matilda

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  1. Cynthia Baumhauer
    Cynthia Baumhauer says:

    Mattie, great blog! And you took the pictures too??? You are having a wonderful time and learning so much — probably learning more than if you were in school every day, right?

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. Many of my friends are following you too. Love, Grandmommy

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