“Mexicans are lazy”

If there’s one resounding truth that can be said about Americans it’s that we’re hard workers. It’s in our cultural DNA. Before this trip, I used to routinely work 10-12 hours a day during the week and then cap it off with another 10 to 20 more on the weekend. And when I’d complain about it to a co-worker, the response was usually something like, “Good to have that work though, huh?” Or maybe, “You’re gonna be loving that O.T. though, right?” We’re culturally programmed to accept this. We even compete with one another for the title of, “Hardest Worker.” “I haven’t slept more than two hours in the last 2 weeks,” my buddy used to boast to me. “In the last month, I haven’t seen my wife for more than an hour except for sleeping,” another would brag. “My kids don’t even know for sure if I live at my own house!” This would bring much laughter and pats on the back.. “You win, big guy!” How have we possibly reached a point in our cultural evolution where this is acceptable, even applauded? Our freedom, our independence, the time to be a parent, a spouse, a human, our life itself, is for sale. We are selling our lives to other people and we’re thrilled to have the “opportunity” to do it! We actually cling to the idea and hold it up over our heads like it’s a shining virtue. It’s madness! ( Authors Note: As a person who has the luxury of being able to sit by the pool all day eating nachos and drinking cerveza, any opinions about how people should or shouldn’t live their lives are to be completely ignored.)

Impromptu mezcal tasting. Delicioso!

Impromptu mezcal tasting. Delicioso!


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Papalotes School en Mexico by Matilda

I have been going to school here in Mexico for almost 3 months. The name of my school is called Papalotes which means ‘kites’ in Spanish. I am in a class with 6 people and one teacher (Maestra Leia) including one of my brothers, Charlie. It is like my school in California where some of the grades are together. In my class there are 1st-3rd graders. If my DVIA classmates are reading this, I really, really, really hope you are having a great time in 3rd grade with Megan. I miss you all and I think of you a lot! My little brother Jake is also in my school but he is in a younger class. They do lots of music, cooking and playing. In my class, we also have music but we do math, reading and writing. We also carve things in wood like little creatures! We make art too. It’s really different from my school in California but I really love going to school here in Mexico.


Here I am in my schoolyard. You can see my classroom in the back!

I LOVE that Papalotes is so close to nature, and there are animals everywhere around! There are mountains in the back and lots of nature around. Sometimes,  you can see donkeys and goats in the street! There are also cows and bulls that graze next to the school grounds. And once a big bull came so close to our schoolyard but thankfully, there was a fence there.


Here are the burros! They are so cute.


Mi amigo! La vaca!

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