El arte y la vida de Oaxaca

All of our five senses have been on overload here in Oaxaca. You can’t have a bad meal, it’s absolutely impossible, and I, for one, don’t even eat meat so can’t imagine the realm of all the flavors out there …every time we step foot outdoor we anticipate some sort of adventure in any one or more of the senses ….and half the time we don’t even need to leave the comfort of our casa.

If it’s not the donkeys braying away in the distance, it’s the rooster and turkey crowing next door, or the parrots gawking in the trees outside of our house. Oh right, don’t forget about the 4 am fireworks wake up call and the wild perros barking up a storm every odd hour of the night. Every evening around 5 pm something like the theme to Spiderman and the Bunny Hop is blared through a loudspeaker. We don’t know why and probably never will.  Every night as we are going to bed we hear parties, music, salsa, any number of loudspeakers announcing something. It is clear, Mexicans are not afraid of noise. It is embraced and widely accepted. And strangely, we do too. Read more