Charlie’s Adventures, Part 1 : The Ruins

Hi, My name is Charlie. I am 6 years old and I’m going to travel with the world with my family. I am excited to travel the world and I am in Oaxaca, Mexico right now. Here is a picture of me:


Charlie, age 6. My spanish name is Carlos. Some people even say Carlito!


Living here in Mexico has been really great so far. I live with my family in a house that has a pool and a yard! Some of my favorite things to do here is swim and play catch with my Dad. I also loved seeing some of the ancient Zapotec ruins around here. First, we went to the ruins of Yagul. And Yagul was more fun than Monte Alban even though Monte Alban was bigger. At Yagul, I could climb almost everywhere and pretend I was the Temple Run Guy running every where. At Monte Alban, they had more rules and I couldn’t be a Temple Run Guy. But it was still fun and I liked to explore all over by myself. And with my family.

Here is a picture of us when we first got there. I was really excited to check things out!

Mattie, Jake and me

Mattie, Jake and me

This is what you saw when you first arrived.


I think this is a tomb!

Monte Alban had some really cool carvings and tombs that Yagul didn’t have. I think the drawings were of Gods. And the tombs had buried Indians! I even saw a skeleton of a older woman and a 2 year old baby in the Museum. It was kind of creepy but I couldn’t help but look. And I felt like I am not afraid of anything!


Carving of a God


This is the skeleton of a old woman.


Skull of a man


Inside this jar, there is a skeleton of a 2 year old body.

I am wearing a Minecraft shirt because it made me think of ruins. Here is Jake and me climbing a tree at Monte Alban.

Jake and me in a tree

Jake and me in a tree


Me in a tomb


Jake and me in a secret hideaway

I also climbed a very large staircase and was the first of my family to the top. My Dad got really tired.


That’s me running head of my sister and my Dad. I don’t know where Jake is. My Mom took this photo but I didn’t know she was taking it.


There’s me on top of the staircase waving.


That’s my Dad and you can see me in the distance in my green Minecraft shirt.


I also discovered a cactus that had some carvings on it. I wonder what it’s about and if they are carvings from Indians. I would be amazed if that were true.

If you look at the top left, you can see some writing.

If you look at the top left, you can see some writing.


Adios Monte Alban!


Another thing that happened when we were leaving Monte Alban, there was a sand storm tornado in the sky. Though we didn’t get a picture of it…

I thought it was one of the Gods that was saying Goodbye! BONK!

Adios Amigos! Hasta luego! Next post, I am going to write about my river walks at school.

Love Charlie/Carlos














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