Matilda’s first blog post

Hi, my name is Matilda. I’m 8 years old and I’m traveling the world with my family for one year. The first place we are going is Oaxaca, Mexico. The first thing I did here was I went swimming in our big pool at our new house. Next to our pool is a play ground with two swings, a ladder to climb up to our tree house and a yellow slide. I love animals and I’ve seen lots of animals that I don’t see in Los Angeles. I saw donkeys on the streets and also turkeys. I also saw parrots in the trees by our house. A lot of times I see goldfinches in our trees too. Also, we see lots of wild dogs in the street everywhere. And lizards too.

We went to see ruins. The ruins were called the Yagul ruins. I found some holes that the Indians used to hide in from invaders. I went in some of them. The ruins were over 1000 years old! I was about to take a rock home but my Dad said the Indians might not like it so I didn’t take it.

One time we went into Oaxaca town and saw a bunch of things they made out of radishes. There were lots of different ones. My favorite was the Praying Mantis. My second favorite was Jesus on the cross. There are lots of churches in town and the buildings are very old. It’s a lot different than Los Angeles.

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  1. Bessielife01
    Bessielife01 says:

    Madison, Thanks for following us along and giving us love & support! 🙂 We continue to have the adventure of a lifetime but we do miss our friends from LA – ESP Art Zone! Say hello to everyone! Love The Baumhauers

  2. Bessielife01
    Bessielife01 says:

    Hi Henry, Why do you love my tooth so much? How much money did you get when you lost your teeth? Thanks for reading my blog post. I am working on blog post about some ruins here with my Dad. I am ok here. It didn’t hurt when my tooth came out. Did yours hurt? I think I will lose another tooth really soon. Love Charlie 🙂

  3. Henry Van Dyke
    Henry Van Dyke says:

    Hi Charlie! I liked your first blog post! I lost a tooth…and I want to lose another tooth. It looks really good. My name is Henry and I really like it. I have another wiggly one and I want to lose it. I really like your tooth. I wish I could lose a tooth like that. I miss you and I love you. I like you and I hope you have a good day. Are you doing okay out there? Uh, are you okay? Did your tooth hurt when it came out? I really like that you lost two teeth. I’m so proud of you! Uh…I know it takes time to lose a tooth but sometimes it doesn’t. I reeeeealllly wish I could a tooth like that!!! Well, when do you think you’re going to lose another tooth? I don’t know. I think it’s great…and it looks great. I wish you could have a grown-up tooth. I’m just so proud of you. It’s okay. Hello. Love, Henry. No. Love, Henry

  4. Madison (from Art Zone:)
    Madison (from Art Zone:) says:

    Mattie!! That radish art is so cool! I’ve stalked almost this entire blog, love seeing jake riding his own horse!! Baumhauers you are inspiring my soul with this. I’ll be following along the whole way:)

  5. Torye
    Torye says:

    Amazing post, Mattie! Your new pool and playground are rad. Great photos. Keep up the great writing!

  6. Tuni DeJesus
    Tuni DeJesus says:

    I loved your blog post too! You write very well and I liked your drawings! Hope you and your brothers are having a great time!

  7. Cynthia Baumhauer
    Cynthia Baumhauer says:

    Loved your blog, Mattie. So many people will be interested to hear what you are discovering in Mexico. Thanks, and keep it up.

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