The List

As we start on our little adventure, it seems the most common question we’ve been asked is,  “How did you plan and how are you doing this?” It’s a good question, a reasonable question. The answer is less so because it’s unreasonable to sell your house and most all of your possessions, pull your kids out of school, buy plane tickets all over the world and then just go. Almost everyone will tell you so. But, that is indeed what we did and it’s been a long, arduous road getting here. Read more

Cuajimoloyas, misty mountain magic

We just spent a couple of days in the highlands of the Sierra Norte mountains of Oaxaca Valley. Perched high in the mountaintops are 8 small remote villages that offer a glimpse of Mexican village life. Very rustic, very simple, but with a mystical element, some of these communities also are home to Zapotec indians. We chose to stay in Cuajimoloyas, which is one of the highest elevated villages and offers amazing hiking, camping and just all around spectacular views. We spent more of our time hiking and exploring nature than we did in the village. We certainly felt quite a substantial slower pace than being in the city of Oaxaca. Good to get out of the bustling city of Oaxaca and get our nature fix! Read more

Matilda’s first blog post

Hi, my name is Matilda. I’m 8 years old and I’m traveling the world with my family for one year. The first place we are going is Oaxaca, Mexico. The first thing I did here was I went swimming in our big pool at our new house. Next to our pool is a play ground with two swings, a ladder to climb up to our tree house and a yellow slide. I love animals and I’ve seen lots of animals that I don’t see in Los Angeles. I saw donkeys on the streets and also turkeys. I also saw parrots in the trees by our house. A lot of times I see goldfinches in our trees too. Also, we see lots of wild dogs in the street everywhere. And lizards too. Read more


We’ve been in Oaxaca for about 3 weeks now and it seems that each day, we acclimate more and more to the Mexican lifestyle. Things are slower and simpler and the days, like the people here, are relaxed and easygoing. A normal day is breakfast, coffee, a swim, some homeschooling and maybe a trip to the park or a market to grab some supplies. We might read or Catherine might do some yoga, maybe a beer, some music, maybe even a nap. Often, we don’t know the day of the week or the time..or the date. A person can’t live this way forever, obviously, but after the tornado of activity that led up to our departure, it seems somehow that we’ve earned this bit of sloth and we’ve embraced it without regret or shame. Read more