So Far

Well, we’re one week in and so far, so great! We’ve rented a little place in San Felipe, Mexico which is about 15 minutes away from the larger, and more bustling, Oaxaca city. The place is simple but nice with a little yard, a pool, and great views of the mountains in the distance. Read more

French Waiters

When I travel to new countries, I try to do a little research ahead of time about cultural norms and expectations of behavior. Did you know that in Argentina showing up to a party on time is considered bad form? In Japan, it’s customary to decline a gift at least twice before, ultimately, accepting it. You’re not supposed to smile at strangers in Russia. The idea behind it is, “You don’t know me so why are you pretending that we’re friends”? I especially love that one. It fits so nicely with the stern, austere image that I have in my mind about the Russian people.  Read more

Scarred but Smarter

When my daughter, Matilda, was younger she’d often get herself in situations where we could clearly see that injury was imminent. An 18 month old probably shouldn’t climb to the top bunk without assistance. They shouldn’t play with scissors or go near the stove. And so we stopped her. We shielded her from her youth. But one day, I realized that she wasn’t learning a lot about what to avoid and how to make smart decisions on her own. She had no savvy. No smarts. Not the practical kind anyway.

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